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My grandmother, Zera Frances Pendleton, was born in 1898, one of 13 siblings. She was an accomplished writer, a tailor, a Red Cross volunteer, and a perfect Southern Lady.

My mother, Zera Frances Nottingham, raised 4 daughters, was an accomplished seamstress, avid reader, and master of many crafts. She led Girl Scout troops, loved golf, old movies, history, and European travel, and was also a perfect Southern Lady.

I was born Zera Diana Smallwood, but never (until now) used my first name. As a child, it embarrassed me. When I married, I dropped it altogether and mostly forgot about it.

Lately, though, I have realized that it’s not just a somewhat unusual name. It is my personal legacy (now spanning 3 centuries!) from two strong, smart, and talented women.

I am proud to be Zera Three.

~ Zera Diana Smallwood Nichols – 2021


Random note (probably not significant, but interesting): I have 3 sisters, 3 children, and my address for the past 23 years has ended in 3.